Hi & Fi Asia-China 2019
Your Sponsorship Opportunities
at Fi Europe & Ni 2019
Make the most out of your Exhibiting experience
Make the most of your exhibiting experience and maximise your return on investment at Fi Europe & Ni this year. 

Our wide range of sponsorship opportunities cover 7 categories, which you can choose depending on your specific business objectives.

Whatever your company size, budget, or business goal, our sponsorship opportunities have got you covered!
Sponsorship objective legend
Sponsorship objective legend
Explore your sponsorship opportunities
Targeted Email Campaign
Generate your exact target audience and deliver a customized message right into the inbox of your potential buyers and set up meeting before, during and after a Food ingredients
Web Banner
A creative banner on www.figlobal.com and www.ingredientsnetwork.com puts your brand in the spotlight.
Sponsored Article e-newsletter
We deliver a digital newsletter email to 80,000 global food professionals giving exclusive visibility to your brand and deliver your valuable content reaching the most qualified audience in the industry.
Fi TV Sponsorship Packages
Onsite interview taken and to broadcast minimum 3 times a day on all TV screens. You will receive the scripted promotion film to use after the show.
Official Food Ingredients Mobile App
Attract visitors to your stand with a promoted message in our official Event mobile App.
Ingredients Network: Premium profile
Our online directory attract an average of 35,000 unique visitors per month and is the sourcing platform for year round brand awareness and lead generation.
Venue WIFI powered by [Sponsor]
Every visitor who logs into the venue’s FREE WiFi service will be first drawn to your company logo which will be integrated into the registration login page for the WiFi service.
Show bags
Visitors will use these throughout the show days to carry all their event information and promotional items, giving your brand ultimate visibility.
With this item, your brand name will be the first thing attendees will see when they arrive onsite.
Branded show pens
Show pens are distributed around the show in key areas, such as registration areas, seminar theatres and networking areas.
Visitor badges
They will be an item which every single visitor and exhibitor will carry for the duration of the whole event!
Branded cocktail tables
Have your branded table to raise brand awareness while attendees are resting, networking or preparing for the next booth visit.
Future of Nutrition Summit Packages
Position yourself as a pioneer of the future of nutrition. Facilitate cutting-edge knowledge sharing. Network with a highly engaged expert audience. 
Fi Conference Packages
Paid-for conference on show floor. Reach your audience through a targeted and non-commercial approach pre-, during and post event as well as the opportunity to participate as a speaker.
Corporate Partner of Networking Breakfasts
Through partnering with us at our Networking breakfasts, you will gain the exclusive opportunity to profile your brand to influential F&B professionals. 
Startup Innovation Challenge Sponsor
Position your company as a supporter of the up and coming innovative companies in the industry with this unique opportunity!
Organic Spotlight Sponsor
The Organic Spotlight lasts 2 hours and features presentations, case studies and discussions addressing the latest trends and challenges for organic ingredients.

Aisle banners
One of a kind when it comes to brand visibility and to help attendees navigate to your stand!
Box banner in aisle crossings
Highlight your stand location with this high impact box banner - visible from all angles within the hall! The box banners are available on specific locations of aisle crossings.
Banner - over your stand
Make your brand visible from all corners in the main aisle. hese effective banners will guarantee you to steal the attention of visitors from your competitors! 
Free standing sign (large or small)
Double sided 1.80-metre-high boards in strategic locations with your branding.
Floor graphic x1 (large or small)
Advertise a 2x2-metre or 1x1-metre graphic in the middle of your aisle with your branding and stand number. Located inside the hall or at the hall entrance.
Pillar wrapping
Get visibility from all possible sides – use the pillar directly near your booth as advertising space to attract visitors’ attention. 
Advertising Pod
Make your brand visible from all corners in the main aisle.
‘You are here’ board company logo
Boards enable visitors to easily orientate themselves and find their way directly to your stand.
Sponsored Relax & Recharge area
Sponsor a dedicated area onsite where people can rest and prepare their next booth journey. 
Floor graphic at your venue entrance
Inform visitors outside the hall about your stand so they already know where to meet you.
Pillar signs at entrance
Three pillar signs will make your brand noticed by all attendees entering through the Hall 6 entrance.
Signs under covered passageway
Capture the attention of attendees walking towards the main entrance of the venue.
Suspended canvas at taxi terminals
Be the first brand seen by all visitors traveling by taxis! Brand these giant canvas and gain maximum exposure!
Glass doors and windows covering
In the main entrance of Hall 6, where the visitors flow is dense, this location is ideal to promote your brand.
Exceptional visibility from halls 6 and 7, the escalators branding gives a chance for a true creative positioning.
Walkway stairs to hall 6
Set yourself apart by branding these eye-catching steps situated next to the escalator in hall 6, where the show attendees’ footfall will be the highest!
Walkway stairs glass to hall 6
Display your company advertisement on a glass surface on the staircase where there is lots of traffic.  
Glass area near the coffee shop hall 6
Display your company advertisement on a glass surface next to the coffee shop which attracts lots of traffic.
Bathroom advertisement - Print
Approach attendees where they are the most receptive - brand your company or raise awareness of your location.
Bathroom advertisement - Print
An impacting communication in real time can be achieved with these modern digital screens - perfect to optimise the visibility of your brand
Entrance doors
These door stickers will welcome the visitors into the exhibition halls. Be the first one to secure this exclusive position! 
Elevator hall 7
This elevator will be seen from all attendees walking in hall 7.
Scrolling light boxes network
3 networks available from the esplanade in the direction of Halls 6 and 7.
High visibility flags
Have your brand be seen by all attendees passing by the esplanade entering halls 6 and 7 by promoting your brand early on these high visibility flags (Kakemonos).
Flower pots
Stand out with these flower pots opportunity which will really highlight your brand directly to all attendees coming to the show.
Squared rotunda
This large square is strategically placed on the esplanade leading to the main entrance of the venue, so your brand will be visible to all attendees entering the show. 
Digital totems
High visibility location to display your brand to all our show attendees – right from the start.
Giant posters inside hall 6
Get visibility from straight from the entrance of the hall 6 – these giant posters are a real eye catcher and will attract visitors’ attention. 
Tasting bar
Provide attendees with this NEW memorable experience to smell, touch and taste the various applied food & beverage ingredients.
Sample / product distribution
Have visitors sample your products at the main entrance points to the show.
New product gallery
The New Product Gallery is a fantastic opportunity to promote your latest innovation. Put your products on a pedestal for all to see.
Supplier Solution Sessions
Present your new product applications and case studies in a 25-minute speaking slot.
Private meeting rooms
Meeting space off the show floor is the perfect way to host important 1-2-1 business meetings. Please inquire for the full list of prices and availability as these are sold on a first come first served basis.
Catalogue advertising opportunities
Engage with the Fi & Ni global audience all year round. Several options can be tailored based on your needs, including route planners, catalogues & preview guides.
Request a free consultation on the best sponsorship opportunities for your brand and your budget
Fi Europe 2019 - Sponsorship opportunities
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